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Beatrice is cruising the world on a hunt for father and daughter. She feels that Violeta is still alive and tries to make contact with her by a kind of telepathy. She's like a whirlwind, and she herself is the center of a cloud of dust and sand. She instructs Violeta to find the place where they played together and planted dreams when she was little. Because these dreams hold the insight to who she actually is, and the key to how the two of them can be reunited. How can they live happily for the rest of their days: in life, in death, or in a dream? Beatrice wants Violeta to go into her mother's dreams and, through the dreams, see what she has gone through and who she really is. Mother and daughter don't meet physically, but they keep contact on a dream level. In this way, they become one. The past and the future dawn and become clearer for Violeta, but there is still a lot that she must experience by herself. The times they once shared were magical, and both of them are looking forward to meeting again in the future. But until this happens, Violeta is asked to dream on, so that they can keep on meeting there...

Tumor i ditt hjerte

Tumor in your heart

Spring øve gjerdet der som værhanen stodJump over the fence where the weather vane was
Gå midt ut på jordet, der som ingenting grorGo into the middle of the field, where nothing grows
Grav opp mine drømmer, den som finner fårDig up my dreams, the one who finds some can keep them
Gå med de i håvet, eller hiv de på et bålKeep them in your head, or throw them in a fire
Forsvinn til vinter, og kom fram til vårLeave until winter, and come back out in spring
Legg ner dine kort, vinnaren stårPut down your cards, the winner is decided
Nå ser du at sånn kan det gåNow you see that it can go like that
Som ringane i vatnet blir du størreLike rings in the water you are growing
Som en tumor i ditt hjerte blir du verreLike a tumor in your heart you get worse
Store spørsmål som kem har du vært, kem skal du bliMajor questions like who have you been, who will you be
Eg gir deg ingenting aent enn mi tidI don't give you anything but my time
Ka skal du sei når du står framfor Vårherre?What will you say when you stand in front of Our Lord?
Nå er det din tur dessverreNow it's your turn, unfortunately
Nogen drømmer skal du bare sjå rett igjennomSome dreams, you can just see right through
Nogen har allerede hendtSome have already happened
Nogen er så stygge, du vil ikkje vær de bekjentSome are so ugly that you don't want to know them
De er allerede brentThey are already burnt
Nogen drømmer må du la modna littSome dreams must ripen a bit
La de modna bittelittLet them ripen a little bit
Og de beste skal du frysa ner i ei bøtte med is iAnd the best ones you should freeze in a bucket of ice
Vent så til det blir vårThen wait until spring
Det er som med blomster då drømmer grorDreams grow like flowers
Så tar du fram den bøttå med drømmer som du la is iThen take out the bucket with dreams in which you put ice
Så blir det tydelig ka som kommer til å skjeThen it will become clear what is going to happen
Med alle sammen rundt deg og med deg til og medWith everyone around you and even with you
Og kunne du spart deg en sesong med smerteAnd could you have saved yourself a season of pain
Om du visste du hadde en tumor i ditt hjerteIf you knew you had a tumor in your heart

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Tumor i ditt hjerte