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Background information about the song:

When we were making "the difficult second album", we had only 12 songs with us in the studio - the 12 that in turn became Evig Pint. The reason was that there weren't more to choose from, we said then. We simply had not made more.

But after going through the demos from this period, we found out that was not fully correct. We have never been occupied with looking backwards, so we were a bit surprised by these songs we had left orphaned without any remorse in 2003, because there were some curious notes here. Señor Torpedo is an example, a bit like "Veterans klage" from Evig Pint perhaps, a very strange song that isn't like much else out there.

The lyrics ask the question of who can take over the mafia throne after Sonny, who was exposed in a plot in the song "Hevnervals", ended up with life in prison and a death sentence in the song "Drøm hardt". The family business is bleeding and shouting for someone who can take over for Sonny. Sonny has a "right hand", a man on the outside. It is he who is the narrator and runs the show all throughout Evig Pint. In this song, he presents a merciless replacement by the name Señor Torpedo who gives you everything you ask for. But in practice, it is he himself who rules the mafia, up until he quietly passes away as a blind old man in the song "Sonny".

Sometimes as a songwriter, one has one theme or another, a stanza or a melody line that rides one like a mare for a long time. The potential is there, but it never materializes. The organ riff of Señor Torpedo was one for Janove, in the end it ended up in "Knekker deg til sist" from the Maestro album, but before that it was part of "Señor Torpedo". It is, after all, legal to steal from oneself.

Señor Torpedo

Señor Torpedo

Eg kan sei det igjen men eg har sagt det førI can say it again, but I've said it before
Familiebedriften dørThe family business is dying
Sjå på meg den som tørLook at me who dares
å sette seg i stolento sit in the chair
Og alle kjenner Sonny sitt navnAnd everyone knows Sonny's name
Og alle sammen føler hans savnAnd everyone feels his loss
Han er så Helgen som en Helgen kan bliHe's as Hallow as a Hallow can be
Det fins ingen ny SonnyThere's no new Sonny
Og rekk opp hånda hvis du kjenner nogenAnd raise your hand if you know somebody
En som eg kan ha inni armkrokenSomeone I can link arms with
En som er komfortabel i sjefsstolenSomeone who's comfortable in the boss' chair
En som alltid har ei hånd på pistolenSomeone who always has a hand on the gun
Det var for han eg måtte sy sju stingFor him I had to sew seven stitches
Det var for han eg måtte bli halvt blindFor him I had to turn half blind
Og du var alltid velkommen innAnd you were always welcome
Måtte eg gått i døden for han, ville eg gått rett innIf I had to die for him, I would have done so right away
For han er min farBecause he is my father
Herren gir og Herren tarThe Lord gives and the Lord takes
Så lenge du er lojalAs long as you're loyal
er du velkommen i vår hageyou are welcome in our gardens
Det fins ingen vei tilbakeThere's no way back
Ett feil ord, ett skeivt skritt så er dine dager talteOne wrong word, one skewed step and your days are numbered
123456789 10123456789 10
La meg presentere Señor TorpedoLet me introduce Señor Torpedo
Av han får du meir enn du ber omYou get more from him than you ask for
Han legger ingenting i mellomHe doesn't mince matters
Guds gave til oss er Señor TorpedoGod's gift to us is Señor Torpedo
Og snart kjenner alle hans navnAnd soon everybody will know his name
Når han forsvinner kjenner alle hans savnWhen he disappears, everyone will feel his loss
Han blir så Helgen som en Helgen kan bliHe'll be as Hallow as a Hallow can be
Men han blir ingen ny SonnyBut he won't be a new Sonny

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Señor Torpedo