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Beatrice has just composed herself after having survived the attempt to blow herself up, and having saved herself from the flames with the help of her seven buckets of tears. She takes up the hunt after father and daughter, who have now been on the run for seven years. Huge forces are at work, she is like a fury, and storms come up wherever she goes. Kenneth is told by Cecilia that Beatrice is on their track, and so he must remain in constant motion and always try to stay a step ahead. Kenneth fears what Beatrice might do with him if she finds them, and hopes that he can tie Violeta so strongly to him that she will stand up against her mother on his behalf if she were suddenly to stand before them, like a devil, in her burnt wedding dress.

Støv og sand

Dust and sand

Det går en liten jævel rundt og spør seg framThere's a little devil going around, asking her way
Om nogen har sett hennes eks av en mannWhether anyone has seen her ex of a man           
Det kommer røyk ut av kjeften, det er blod på tannThere's smoke coming out of her mouth, there's blood on her tooth
Og når hu går, legger hu bak seg ei sky av støv og sandAnd when she walks, she leaves a cloud of dust and sand behind
Rett bak deg er det støv og sandRight behind you there is dust and sand                           
Om det som står av profetier inni Bibelen er santIf all that is written about prophecies in the bible is true
kan det virke som om han der nere har ett og aent på gangit might seem as if he down there has one or two things going on
Du skal kjenne han igjen, enten det er kvinne eller mannYou will recognize him, whether it's a woman or man
når han stiger ut i ei sky av støv og sandwhen he steps out in a cloud of dust and sand
Rett bak deg er det støv og sandRight behind you there is dust and sand
Det er hull i min kalender, og min trailer har full tankThere are gaps in my calendar, and my trailer has a full tank
Eg ser ikkje bak meg lenger. Lever nå, og tenker framI don't look behind me anymore. Live now, and think ahead
Kom kom kom an BB. Kom kom kom anCome come come on BB. Come come come on
Eg skal regna på deg og ditt støv og din sandI will count on you and your dust and your sand
Rett bak deg er det støv og sandRight behind you there is dust and sand

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Støv og sand