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Background information about the song:

With the Evig Pint album we wanted to show a slightly different side of ourselves than we had on Ompa til du dør, and show that we weren't just a party band with only one gear that had gotten lucky. Therefore, we did away with some of the song ideas that leaned in the direction of ompa in favor of heavier and darker rock songs. So in came "Di grind", "De involverte", "Salt & pepper", and out went "Kavalér" and this one, "Du og meg Sonny", a romantic nostalgic song in waltz time. This song is actually one of the reasons we wanted to do this rarities album. We think it is so good that it would be simply terrible of us not to share it with Kaizer-sympathizers out there.

Lyrically, "Sonny" is tied to "De involverte". The narrator has been high up in the mafia, and is actually the boss Sonny's right hand on the outside. Sonny now sits inside, condemned to death ("Drøm hardt"), but controls things on the outside from the prison through his right hand man, who in this song reminisces about the past. He has gotten sentimental in his blind, older days, recalls the good, old times, and now only prepares himself to die.



Hjelp nå en blind mann med stokk og med hattHelp a blind man with a cane and hat now
Hold fast mi hånd. La oss gå ut i nattHold my hand tight. Let's go out tonight
For me gjekk under åpen himmelBecause we walked under open skies
Og me delte våre gamle minnerAnd shared our old memories
Å Sonny. Hey Sonny.Oh Sonny. Hey Sonny.
Du har alltid vært min egen SonnyYou have always been my own Sonny
Alt du har gjort for megEverything you did for me
Alt det du kanEverything you know
Alt de har hørt om deg, alt det er santEverything they heard about you, all that is true
Du har gått så mange runderYou went the distance during so many rounds
Sammen har me gått mange hundreTogether, we went the distance many hundred times
Å Sonny. Hey Sonny.Oh Sonny. Hey Sonny.
Du har alltid vært min egen SonnyYou have always been my own Sonny
Den tid er forbi kor me gjorde alt i lagThe time when we did everything together is over
Snart er det min tur. Mitt hjerte er svaktSoon it's my turn. My heart is weak
Min far var alltid med din farMy father was always with your father
Og våre fedres fedre var alltid i lagAnd our fathers' fathers were always together
Å Sonny. Hey SonnyOh Sonny. Hey Sonny
Du har alltid vært min egen SonnyYou have always been my own Sonny
Ingen kan vanna mine blomster frå nåNobody can water my flowers from now on
Mitt verk står for fall. Det er opp til andre å såMy work is starting to fail. Others will need to start seeding
Ja for innen kvelden er ommeYes, because before the night is over
legger eg meg ner og sovnerI'll lie down and sleep
Å Sonny. Hey SonnyOh Sonny. Hey Sonny.
Innen kvelden er omme så sovner egBefore the night is over I'll sleep
Å Sonny. Hey Sonny.Oh Sonny. Hey Sonny.
Du har alltid vært min egen SonnyYou have always been my own Sonny

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