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Background information about the song:

Lyrically, this song is most closely related to the more famous "Bøn fra helvete". The mines on 16 are the place described as a hell on earth, the place that it's no use to pray from.

The story is about the sailor Marcelo Conradas who, after being captured in a raid somewhere in Asia, is sold as a slave to gold miners. From "the bars at Kringsjå" he describes the ruthless and psychopathic Henry who torments and tortures the mine workers until it all culminates in commotion and mutiny.

In the following chaos and escape attempt, Marcelo is the only one who comes out alive, with a bag of gold in his sack. In safety, the thought of revenge is so strong that he later spends his whole fortune on having it realized. In "Marcelos leksjon", another unreleased song that is not in this collection, he learns voodoo in Egypt (from a certain Mr. Kaizer) and finally gets his revenge on Henry by letting the world's heaviest Siamese cat eat the head of the voodoo doll that represents Henry (and people ask us what we are inspired by when we write lyrics…!)

Musically, "Gruvene på 16" was considered too "ballad-like" for the Ompa album. It had too much of the precursor to Kaizers "gnom" in it, we thought, and was therefore not "fresh" and hard-hitting enough. Now, however, we have grown up and are no longer afraid to admit that we also very much love nice ballads.

Gruvene på 16

The mines at 16

Eg er din siste som synger denne visåI am the last one to sing this tune
For ting har gått over stokk og stein her'Cause things have run out of hand here
Ingen vinker frå sprinklene på KringsjåNo one is waving from the bars at Kringsjå
Eller frå gruvene på 16Or from the mines at 16
For ved perrongen der lokomotivet stodBecause at the platform where the locomotive stood
fins nå ingenting bortsett frå ekkoetthere's now nothing except for the echo
av en gjenlagt megafon som saof a forgotten megaphone that said
Siste avgang 15:30Last departure 15:30
Eg er den siste som synger denne visåI am the last one to sing this tune
Toget har gått for de andreThe train has left for the others
Det var tungt regn alltidThere always was heavy rain
enten det var sommer eller vinter derwhether it was summer or winter there
Og det står rissa inn i murene på KringsjåAnd it is scratched into the walls of Kringsjå
Det er lovd ut en dusørThere's a reward offered
til den som kan få Henry oppi kiståto the one who can get Henry into a coffin
For nogen blei nettopp stengt inne'Cause some were recently locked in
Andre har vært der si manns minneOthers have been there since the beginning of time
Men Henry hadde en pisk som var så langBut Henry had a whip that was so long
Ei stripa over ryggen, strø litt saltA lash over the back, sprinkle some salt
og få respekt trodde hanand get respect, he thought
Men alt han ville ha det var applaus, applausBut all he wanted to have was applause, applause
Men ikkje faen om me klapte for hanBut like hell that we clapped for him
Aldri om eg klapper for hanNo way I'd clap for him
Eg er din siste som synger denne visåI am the last one to sing this tune
før hu går i glømmebokåbefore it gets completely forgotten
De hørte kviskring om kvelden når det var stilleThey heard whispering in the evening when it was silent
Men ikkje kva som blei sagt der inneBut not what was said in there
Eg er den einaste frå gruvene på 16I am the only one from the mines at 16
som kom seg ut av mørketwho made it out of the darkness
Eg fekk en pose gull med meg på reisenI got a bag of gold with me on my journey
Og klokka den var 15:30And the time was 15:30
då eg tok siste avgang nogensinnewhen I took the last departure ever

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Gruvene på 16