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When Kenneth was 17, he and his three years older brother committed a robbery together. The robbery went according to plan, everything seemed to end happily for the brothers, when one day, the police suddenly barged in and arrested the big brother. It turned out that Kenneth had yielded to the temptation to brag about the accomplishments to buddies during one of his frequent bar rounds, which reached the police's ears. The investigators had no other specific traces to go by, and therefore they promised Kenneth full immunity if he 1. ratted on his brother 2. promised to stop drinking vodka 3. never ever met his brother again. In the end, young Kenneth succumbed to the pressure and told on his brother, who, in turn, went to jail and was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. Naturally enough, Kenneth was full of remorse for this, and kept secret contact with his brother through his brother's girlfriend Cecilia, who eventually introduced Kenneth to his girlfriend, Beatrice ...

When his brother many years later hears about Kenneth's disappearance and Violeta's increasing abilities, he starts to come up with a plan for the next coup, together with his brother; to sell Violeta on the market in Lahore, Pakistan, where he knows they will get a great price for a person with such abilities. Kenneth agrees to the proposal, because he owes his brother a favor, but also because his daughter is becoming more and more like her mother ... So now the brothers are reunited, with a big plan on their hands. All the bad is forgiven and forgotten. It was sad before, now we can laugh!

Gresk komedie

Greek comedy

Javel, ja det var lenge siWell, yes, long since we last met
Kor har du vært? Koss var det der?Where have you been? How was it there?
Kva skal du bli?What do you want to be?
Eg hører veien var langI hear the way was long
Gjennom støv og sandThrough dust and sand
Så de tok deg for det din bror gjordeSo they took you in for what your brother did
Eg gav de deg og de tok meg på ordetI gave you to them, and they took me at my word
Ja, kva kan en seiWell, what can you say
Blodet renner tynt der hos deiThe blood is running thin there with them
Du kan sei at eg har sett min andelYou can say that I have seen my share
av skyggesidens varehandelof the dark side's commodity trade
Og du kan truAnd you can believe
Har du først begynt kan du ikkje snuOnce you've started you can't go back
Har du først fått smaken vil du ha meirOnce you've gotten the taste, you want more
Er ikkje rakettforskning hellerIt's not rocket science either
For me har spelt med de kortå som var allerede deltBecause we played with the cards that had already been dealt
Før var det trist, nå kan me leIt was sad before, now we can laugh
som i en gresk komedielike in a Greek comedy
Det er tusen ting som me kan siktes forThere are a thousand things that we can be accused of
Det skal eg ikkje nekte forI won't deny that
Men én ting eg har lært om paragrafer, SirBut one thing I have learned about paragraphs, Sir
Det smarteste er å stryke på dørThe smartest thing is to get away
For ingen ser oss bak min datter VioletaBecause no one can see us behind my daughter Violeta
Hu har et smil som kan smelte et kvert hjertaShe has a smile that can melt every heart
av steinof stone
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