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There is a psychological power struggle between father and daughter. She rattles off doomsday prophecies to her father, while her father complains about his daughter's growing independence. Not only that her personality grows more and more like her mother's, but as she gets older, it also shines through that she has inherited her mother's facial features, and for him, one such smile is enough ...

Far til datter

Father to daughter

Kvel din sorg i ei bøtte med vannDrown your sorrow in a bucket of water
og fold dine hender så hardt du kanand fold your hands as hard as you can  
Heile havet reiser seg og ser mot landThe entire ocean rises and looks towards the land
og mot deg og di borg av sandand towards you and your castle of sand
Far til datter seier, kom til papa komFather to daughter says, come to Daddy, come
Sett deg på mitt kne og fortell meg omSit down on my knee and tell me about
når eg ikkje er her, er du ensom?when I'm not here, are you lonely?
Du har arva ditt smil etter di mor, fuck!You inherited your mother's smile, fuck!
Ett sånt smil er nokOne such smile is enough 

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Far til datter