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Background information about the song:

This was a song we had a lot of faith in when it came up. Janove especially liked it very much, and that tends to be a very promising starting point for a Kaizers Orchestra song. Nevertheless, it was never part of any release. Janove actually fell into making an English solo version of it, but that was also never released. To assess it a little, we can say that there were two factors which took the air out of it for Kaizers:

1. The timing. "Fanden" was one of the first songs that turned up in the Maestro rounds. That meant that we were a bit tired of it when we were recording the album two years later.

2. The tone. After composing several songs and finding a sort of red thread in the material for Maestro, we thought this was not fully fitting. Guitar rock is a nice, but also dangerous and overpopulated landscape. And since we had many other songs to choose between, this one came up short. But it is a fun song to play, so we are glad that the opportunity has opened up now! The lyrics are about a young couple, who in good Romeo and Juliet style pursue their love against all odds and against everyone's will. They know that as soon as they are discovered it will all be over, so they live the time they have together intensely, with the devil on their heels.

Fanden hakk i hel

The devil on our heels

Eg har aldri tatt i en bibelI have never touched a bible
Den porten er nok stengt når eg dørThat gate is probably closed when I die
Eg har mange minner frå då eg var litenI have many memories from when I was a child
Det er som eg ser tilbake gjennom et slørIt's like I'm looking back through a veil
Og du har alltid vært jentå miAnd you have always been my girl
Me gikk hånd i hånd med kver sitt stort smilWe walked hand in hand, both with a big smile
Alle såg på oss når me gikk forbiEveryone looked at us when we passed by
Men ingen såg kva me gjorde nattestidBut no one saw what we did during the night
Og nå springer me med fanden hakk i helAnd now we run with the devil on our heels
Og holder på å le oss i hjelAnd we're laughing ourselves to death
Gjennom parken og over ei engThrough the park and over a meadow
Og duene de letter en og enAnd the doves take off one by one
Og alt som de har sagt ikkje var lovAnd everything that they said wasn't allowed
Det gjorde me mens alle låg og sovWe did it when everyone lay down sleeping
Me kommer aldri til å få som fortjentWe will never get what we deserved
for de tar oss aldri igjenbecause they will never catch up with us
Det fins en plass bare me to vett omThere's a place only the two of us know of
Kor me kan vær aleina i skjulWhere we can be alone by ourselves, hidden
Og hvis det begynner å regne, har me plastikkAnd if it starts to rain we have plastic
Det er nesten som å bu i KonsulIt's almost like living in Consul
Det er vanskelig å skille rett frå galtIt's hard to distinguish right from wrong
Eg har gjort så mange feil blir eg fortaltI have made so many mistakes, I was told
Og hvis eg kunne levd mitt liv igjenAnd if I could live my life again
Ville eg gjort de samme feilene om igjen en etter enI would make the same mistakes again one by one

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Fanden hakk i hel