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Background information about the song:

"Stormfull vals" was on the list of songs to go on the Ompa album, but was beat out in the last stage of composition by newcomers Kontroll på Kontinentet and 170 (Janove has always had a tendency to come up with the best album tracks right before the deadline. For example, Evig Pint was the last song to be made for that album, and Maestro was the last song for its album). "Stormfull vals" is a real rattler, one of the first we made as Kaizers Orchestra, and it's not a waltz either. It is about Egil Ei, who after foreseeing the great flood in the song "Katastrofen" - without being believed - turns to the bottle for comfort.

The village, and specifically his great love Ms. Victoria Zudine, are (seemingly) taken by the flood, the wind rages on, and it is stormy both inside Egil's head and outside. Humorous tragedy is something we have dealt with many times in our lyrics, yes, and here as well. This song is also a genre song, and we found out the only way to do it was to get drunk on Terje's Christmas present, a 23 year old rum from Cuba, invite everyone we knew with an instrument into the big room in the studio, count to four, stumble away and hope for the best.

Stormfull vals

Stormy waltz

Ute blåser vinden kaldt på mitt kinnOutside the wind is blowing cold on my cheek
Eg slepper han ikkje innI'm not letting him in
Eg roper til han at forsvinn nå du vindI yell at him go away now, you wind
Det gamla treet vaier som om det sko ha drukkeThe old tree is waving like if it had been drinking
Snart blir det ved i min kaminSoon it'll be wood in my fireplace
Eg tar fram sagå mi og sage det eg greierI take out my saw and saw all I can
For ingen danser vals som gamle Egil Ei'Cause no one dances waltz like old Egil Ei
Månen henger lågt og hanThe moon is hanging low and he
speiler seg i ett glass med vannmirrors himself in a glass of water
Ikkje diskutér med hanDo not discuss with him
Han er så overflatisk at det er synd om hanHe is so superficial it's a shame about him
Eg truer han med neven og med enI threaten him with the fist and with a
masse ord eg trur han ikkje kanbunch of words I believe he doesn't know
Den mannen er ikkje sannThat man is not genuine
Eg lurer på koss han kan sviva i sånn tilstandI wonder how he can float in that condition
Eg kan notera meg for nok en stormfull kveldI can note down another stormy evening
Både for véret og mitt eget vedkommendeFor the weather as well as for my part
For gulvet har blitt min kavalérBecause the floor has become my partner
Me danser stormfull valsWe dance a stormy waltz
og eg er trofast til din halsand I am faithfull to your neck
Huset mitt står skjeivtMy house stands crooked
Horisonten er ikkje der han en gong varThe horizon is not where it used to be
Akkurat som eg saExactly as I said
Det heile bikker litt mot venstreIt all is tilting a little to the left
Eg vett ikkje kor det skalI don't know where it's going
Ikkje ring til ambulansenDon't call the ambulance
om eg sko detta ner ei litå trappif I should fall down a few stairs
Så snart eg får sjangsenAs soon as I get the chance
så skal eg ta ett tak og gjenvinne balansenI'll take a grip and find back the balance
Men fysst må eg ha meg en liten en i min venstre fotBut first must I have a little one in my left foot
Ellers så blir det bare rotElse it'll only become a mess
Og har du lyst til å ta en skålAnd should you feel like raising a glass
så setter eg ikkje meg i motthen I will not oppose
Og vinden herjer fortsatt.And the wind still rages.
Han er forbaska i kveldHe's darned tonight
Og regnet kom i strie strømmerAnd the rain came down in stern torrents
Og eg sitter her og prøver å glømmaAnd I sit here and try to forget

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Stormfull vals