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After 14 years together, Kenneth runs away from his wife, together with his daughter Violeta. She's seven years old when they flee. He cannot stand Beatrice's demanding and eccentric life-style anymore, and he hides in the world by remaining in movement all the time. Beatrice is left behind in a paralysed state, unable to take action, alone in the big house. Apparently she develops a psychotic behavior marked by compulsive acts. She's grieving, and she fills up a bucket with tears every year, but after seven years she's empty. She doesn't see any way out but to take her life. She puts a stick of dynamite underneath her chair and lights the fuse. In the time it takes for the fuse to burn, Beatrice gets into contact with Violeta in a dream. She decides there and then to go out into the world and bring her daughter back - and take revenge on the father. At the last second, she throws the stick of dynamite out of the window, while she runs for the door. Seven years of sorrow save her when her wedding dress catches fire in the explosion. She douses the flames by emptying the buckets of tears on herself. It's the calm before the storm. The rain is applauding on the roof tiles, and the band is playing in minor key in the back streets. Something is on the way. It's the mood for revenge. The pigeons on the roof have never been so quiet. Nature reacts. Huge powers are in motion...

Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice

Seven buckets of tears is enough Beatrice

Han sko bare ut med søppeletHe only wanted to take out the trash
Og hans fru, Beatrice, fyllte bøttene med tårerAnd his wife, Beatrice, filled buckets with tears
Ei per år si han forsvantOne per year since he disappeared
Og naboane er mistenksommeAnd the neighbors are suspicious
Og stemmen i håvet fristandeAnd the voice in the head tempting
På sju år har han komt seg for langtIn seven years he made it too far
Og folk utforbi vinduet de vinker febrilskAnd people that walk by the window wave frantically
Som om de ikkje kan få tatt farvel fort nokAs if they can't say goodbye soon enough
Og sånn som då Cecilia løygAnd just like when Cecilia lied
Skal kver en drøm gå opp i røykEvery dream will go up in smoke
Åh, Beatrice, alt du trenger er en gnistOh, Beatrice, all you need is a spark
Sju bøtter tårer er nok BeatriceSeven buckets of tears is enough Beatrice
Med konfetti i håret og Jack Daniels brisWith confetti in the hair and reeking of Jack Daniels
Plaster på såret, og et takk for sistBand-aid on the wound, and a thank you for the past
Sju bøtter tårer er nok BeatriceSeven buckets of tears is enough Beatrice
Skyt gjennom himmelen i et blinkShoot through the skies in a flash
Sju bøtter tårer er nok BeatriceSeven buckets of tears is enough Beatrice
Nei, det er andre tider nå enn då Houdini forsvantNo, these are other times now than when Houdini disappeared
Du får ikkje folk til å sjå en annen veiYou will not make people look the other way
Kalle det en illusjon og sei; Tada!Call it an illusion and say, Tada!
Men det er ei tid for altBut there is a time for everything
Og i natt får du igjen for sju års forsprangAnd tonight you'll be paid back for a seven-year advance
Og du kan godt sjå en annen veiAnd you may very well look another way
Kalla det en eksplosjon og sei; Nana!Call it a blast and say, Nana!
Og duene på taket, de har aldri stått så stilleAnd the pigeons on the roof, they have never been so quiet
Står de like stilt når kvelden er ommeWill they be as quiet when the night is over
Og når regn applauderer på takhelleneAnd when the rain applauds on the roof tiles
Og korps går i moll i bakgateneAnd the band plays in minor key in the back streets
Åh, Beatrice, då skal nye tider kommaOh, Beatrice, then new times are coming

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Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice