Thanks to Anthony and Casper for translating the background info!

Background information about the song:

In the year 2000 there was naturally no one who had heard of the newly-founded band Kaizers Orchestra. The few who had heard of it had little faith that it would ever get anywhere, and no one could really blame them for that.

BUT, Janove had other plans, and in addition to talking a lot about these bright outlooks, he also made a song about them, a sort of pep-talk for the band. In short, Prosessen is about Kaizers' future "rise to fame" as he imagined it. "The revolution" and "the new religion" are Kaizers, who contribute to saving the music world from the mire we thought the industry was in at the time. The new homemade apricot wine, if you will. The main problem with Prosessen, and the reason it wasn't on Ompa, was that it was a little too pop-catchy. We were terrified of getting a "hit" we couldn't completely stand up for, end up in the DH-rock category, and come off the ski jump askew in what could have been a great musical flight. We felt that the melody went off like a gunshot, but unfortunately a gunshot of the irritating sort. If we were presented and associated with this song, the rest of the album would simply not be in keeping with it. So for the sake of the whole we dropped the frivolous "Prosessen" in favor of dark Romani style, which is what we were really passionate about. We did the right thing with that, with the future taken into consideration.

A fun fact to end with: Author and Kaizer friend Tore Renberg heard Prosessen in concert once at BlÄ in 2000 and has been humming the catchy/irritating tune ever since. So here you finally have it, Tore, you're welcome!


The process

Velkommen til mafia rekrutteringWelcome to the mafia recruiting
Her er alle under læringEveryone here is under training
Så ta godt i mot prestenSo let's welcome the priest
For alle vil bli med på sukksessenBecause everyone wants to be part of the success
så lenge det er penger i bildetas long as there is money in the picture
Det er penger i bildetThere's money in the picture
Me blir større og større for kver dagWe become bigger and bigger every day
Me representerer alle sosiale lagWe represent all social layers
i frå toppen av pyramiden og nerfrom the top of the pyramid and down
Eg ser det på degI see it in you
Eg ser det på deg. Du er som ossI see it in you. You are like us
For det vil bli revolusjonBecause there will be a revolution
når du ser folk konverterer til en annen religionwhen you see people convert to another religion
Og dei som ikkje trur på meg i dag...And those who don't believe in me today ...
Det er en del av prosessenThat's a part of the process
Alt du har hørt om oss er santAll that you've heard about us is true
Me begynner å bli mangeWe're starting to become many
Me har folk over heile landetWe have people all over the country
Det er ingenting som å sjå når de promenererThere's nothing like seeing them promenade
Enkelte reagerer, men andre applaudererSome react to it, but others applaud
og det er sånne som ossand those are people like us
Me tar dag for dagWe take day by day
konstruerer svarconstruct answers
gjer deg alt du vil hagive you all you want to have
tenk strategi, tenk strategithink strategic, think strategic
Åh du er i mine hender kva enn som skjerOh, you're in my hands whatever happens
La meg få din stemme. Eg ber på mine kerLend me your voice. I ask on my knees
Åh du har så mange ting i venteOh, you have so much to expect
Bli med på sukksessenJoin the success
Sei til venner og kjenteTell friends and acquaintances
de kan bli med på prosessenthey can join the process

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