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Background information about the song:

Every December 22nd, Janove and Geir go to "Kalas". A festive get-together where old buddies from Bryne meet, hang out, drink, and update each other on what's happening in their lives. A tradition that began with a birthday party for Kris in 1995, which has continued every year since. Every year Janove or Geir makes a new "Kalas song" which is performed together at the piano later that evening. This slightly pompous mens'-choir-song style fits Kaizers very well, so two-three of the songs have, after a total lyrical renovation and improvement of basic melodies, made their way into the Kaizer catalog. The most well-known is probably "Mr Kaizer, hans Constanze & meg", but Die Polizei was also another Kalas song.

Die Polizei is from the Maestro era, and continues the story of Vicente from "Delikatessen", who escapes from Dieter Meyer's Institution on a draisine with a suitcase full of documents. The escape ends in Germany where he is arrested by the police and questioned. The conversation in the refrain, where the interrogator addresses the accused in English, is an exact copy of Jim Jarmusch's interpretation of how German Nazis talk in interrogations in old war films, from his own film "Blue in the Face". A lovely scene we felt just had to be set to a tone. "Good thing they don't usually sing in English, with that pronunciation!" We've heard it, yes. Bat vi ar spiking it cherman style, vid ze purpes, ja!? As our dear fans know, this is a popular live closer for us. Fun chorus to sing together with a sold-out house and a good, pompous atmosphere. Thank you! See you next time… Herr Polizei… you'll never find me again, because I've gone off the path… Safe travels!

Die Polizei

The police

Det var seint og eg var på vei i fra Tyskland til PolenIt was late, and I was on my way from Germany to Poland
De vil ha alt eg har hørt, og alt eg har settThey want to know about all I have heard, and all I have seen
Die polizei, die polizei, die polizeiThe police, the police, the police
De vil ha alt eg har hørt, die polizeiThey want to know about all I have heard, and all I have seen, the police
Og det var blitt kjent eg bar på et dokumentAnd they had found out that I carried a document
av en sånn karakter som gjorde at de tok meg innof a kind that made them take me in
og spurte meg utand question me
Die polizei, die polizei, die polizeiThe police, the police, the police
De tok meg inn, de spurte meg ut, die polizeiThey took me in, they questioned me, the police
We know who you areWe know who you are
We know everything about youWe know everything about you
And we know where you liveAnd we know where you live
Men Herr polizei, Herr polizeiBut Mr. police, Mr. police
Du finner meg aldri igjenYou will never find me again
for eg har gått av stien, Herr polizei'cause I have left the path, Mr. police
Du ser meg aldri igjenYou will never see me again
Og eg sprang. Gud vett kor eg sprangAnd I ran. God knows how I ran
Men eg såg ingentingBut I didn't see anything
For alt eg vett sprang eg i ringAs far as I know, I ran in circles
Men de klarte ikkje følga medBut they couldn't follow me
Die polizei, die polizei, die polizeiThe police, the police, the police
De klarte ikkje følga med, die polizeiThey couldn't follow me, the police

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Die Polizei