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Together with Violeta, the brothers Kenneth and Corvino are headed for Lahore, Pakistan, and the market there, which is known for selling everything from truffles to eternal youth and yellow and green smaragd. One person swears that he has seen three-headed dogs there. Corvino has contacts in the market that will pay a whole lot of money for a young girl with the kind of abilities that Violeta possesses. Kenneth has really been in doubt. He feels that he is in big debt to his brother, after having ratted on him and generally having let him down that time, many years ago, so that he doesn't have a choice. Violeta has started to take more and more after her mother anyway, and when she smiles, he sees her mother instead. Kenneth has started to lose control over her. Violeta, on the other hand, has gotten her mother's ring from Corvino. With the ring on her finger, her dreams are clearer and her visions more explicit. She notices that first and foremost, she has been the victim of manipulation by her father, not love. It dawns on her that the emptiness she has been feeling is actually the longing for her mother ...

Markedet bestemmer

The market decides

Lang natts seilas til SingaporeA long night's sea voyage to Singapore
Me skal gjer furore på markedet i LahorWe will make a splash on the market in Lahore
For svarte katter smyger rundt mi datterBecause black cats sneak up around my daughter
Snart bader me i østens skatterSoon we will wallow in eastern treasures
Mmm Markedet bestemmerMmm the market decides
Følg ditt instinkt og ta det som det kommerFollow your instincts and take it as it comes
Hør lyden av fløytå til en slangetemmerHear the sound of a snake charmer's flute
Det er ikkje opp til ossIt's not up to us
for markedet bestemmerthe market decides
Men når eg drømmer er livet som det kunne værtBut when I'm dreaming, life is as it could be
om me to var sammenif we two were together
For det kan de aldri ta fra megBecause they can never take that away from me
Gud vett at de har prøvdGod knows they've tried
men ditt nærvær er fortsatt sterktbut your presence is still strong
Og når eg drømmer...And when I'm dreaming ...
Alt svever fint forbi, eg glemmer sted eg glemmer tidEverything floats by elegantly, I forget the place, I forget the time
For når eg drømmer...Because when I'm dreaming ...
Ingen kan ta fra meg det eg ser i drømmeNo one can take what I see in my dreams away from me
Og du har lovt at en dag skal me dra her ifraAnd you promised that one day we'll leave from here
Og om et speil kan ta så feil, då må alt vær et bedragAnd if a mirror can be so wrong, then everything must be a deception
Og ordå som du sa til meg i drømmane du planta for megAnd the words that you said to me in the dreams that you planted for me
Løfta meg opp, ut av min kroppLifted me up, out of my body
til degto you
Og når eg våkner, eg blir vekket kver morgen, av et svart savnAnd when I wake up, I'm woken every morning of a black deprivation
Og når du mangler...And when you are missing ...
Det er som å bli holdt i hjertet av en svart ravnIt's like your heart being held captive by a black raven
Og ordå som du sa til meg i drømmane du planta for megAnd the words that you said to me in the dreams that you planted for me
Løfta meg opp, ut av min kropp, til degLifted me up, out of my body, to you

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Markedet bestemmer