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Violeta is back in the place where she and her mother used to plant flowers when she was little. She ran away from her father and found her way back to her old childhood home, which is now empty and abandoned. Her mother is out in the world, looking for her. She picks her mother's dreams until she has a large bouquet. By taking in her mother's thoughts, dreams and nightmares, Violeta gets to see how her mother has been grieving and shedding tears for seven years, upstairs in the attic. She gets to witness her own mother's decay. How she turned skinny and pale, with the cigarettes, the vodka, and wearing her partly burned wedding dress. Violeta dreams about meeting her mother again, but is unsure of how that is going to be. They are both seven years older now. She romanticizes her mother's eccentric features, and outlines ten things that she feels they would have to do to get reacquainted. A dress and red wine she doesn't mind. Sulfur and gasoline, on the other hand...

Din kjole lukter bensin, mor

Your dress smells of gasoline, mother

Det fins en eksentrisk fru inni et gammelt husThere is an eccentric woman in an old house
Til slutt på en vei av grusAt the end of a gravel road
Hun kan ikkje bli frisk om hun fekk medisinShe cannot get well, not even with medicine
Og av kjolen lukter det bensinAnd her dress smells of gasoline
Hun er besatt, ikkje sjuk på sinnShe is possessed, not insane
Er fantastisk vakkerShe's stunningly beautiful
Har kun ei datterHas only one daughter
Det er meg, og hun er minThis is me, and she is mine
Eh, ok. Koss kan eg sei det, uten å fornærmaEh, okay. How can I say that, without being insulting
Det lukter bensin av den vakre kjolen dinYour beautiful dress smells of gasoline
Kjole og rødvin, har eg ingenting imotDress and red wine, I don't mind
Svovel og bensin derimotSulfur and gasoline, on the other hand
Ein - eg vett ikkje kor hun er nåOne - I don't know where she is now
To - du vett ikkje kor eg er ogTwo - you don't know where I am either
Tre - me er sju år eldre nåThree - we are seven years older now
Og fire - det ville aldri blitt som førAnd four - it would never be like it used to be
Fem - det er ikkje sikkert me hadde kjent kverandre igjen nåFive - it's not certain we would have recognized each other now
Seks - me måtte ha børsta av støv ogSix - we'd have to brush off the dust and
Sju - blitt kjent på nySeven - get to know each other again
Åtte - drukket vinEight - drink wine
Og ni - me måtte gitt oss sjølAnd nine - would need to give ourselves
Det lukter bensin av den vakre kjolen minMy beautiful dress smells of gasoline

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Din kjole lukter bensin, mor