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Background information about the song:

Dieter Meyer's Institution is the arena for most of the material on Maestro. It is a place that, under the cover of being a mental institution specializing in war trauma, is involved in shady activities like drug dealing, whitewashing of money, as well as selling organs to wealthy private hospitals. The institution is built up and run by a mysterious figure who no one knows the identity of. He is referred to as Meyer, Maestro, and Papa among others, but no one has ever seen him. The protagonist in these lyrics has been confined to Dieter Meyer for life with the diagnosis of incurable paranoia. Really, he is just an ordinary man who has discovered what goes on in this place and has therefore been committed and subdued. After a few years hospitalized, he has realized that he is alone in the fight against the corrupt system, and now only wishes to end it all with hope of better times in heaven.

"VĂ¥re demoner" is one of several "genre songs", this time in surf/rockabilly tradition. We tend to say that we like the best of all genres and use the inspiration actively. Sometimes the result is a bit more clearly genre than other times. It is usually these songs we like the least of our own material, and so they often fall to the wayside. In the rehearsal phase for this album we tried to "Kaizer-ify" several of these songs, including this one, but we found out it was both livelier, more fun to play, and also better if we instead genre-ified them.

Våre demoner

Our demons

Takk for nok en idé, men eg får aldri fredThanks for another idea, but I'll never find peace
Ingenting kan endra detNothing can change that
Mitt hjerta går i utakt, eg ser ut som et slaktMy heart beats unsteadily, I look like a wreck
Snart stryker eg medSoon I'll be finished off
En manns golv er en annen manns takOne man's floor is another man's roof
Ta det dag for dagTake it day by day
Eg trenger nytt preparat, en nye startI need a new drug, a new start
før alt blir svartbefore everything turns black
For våre demonerBecause our demons
har jagt oss i generasjonerhave been haunting us for generations
De kommer i alle versjonerThey come in all kinds
Kan kun stoppa dei med patronerYou can only stop them with bullets
Så gje meg enSo give me one
Få meg til himmelenGet me into heaven
Eg har folda mine hender, spilt blod, knekt tennerI have folded my hands, spilled blood, crushed teeth
nå sitter eg hernow I'm sitting here
Krigen er ikkje over, de kommer når du sover nårThe war isn't over, they come while you sleep, when
ingen sernobody's watching
Denne hekseprosessen tar alle unntatt presten.This witch trial takes everyone except for the priest.
Han er en av deHe's one of them
Eg vett kva han koker på.I know what he's cooking.
Det brenner snart nåNow it will soon burn
Det ryker for mi fortidMy past ends up in smoke

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Våre demoner