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Father and daughter are out in the big world after having run from home seven years ago. Life on the run has become everyday life. The two are still getting along pretty well, but Violeta started to ask more questions about the past, the present, and the future. She is now 14 years old and tries to form a clearer picture of who she is, where she comes from, and what awaits her later in her life. She is confused, gets mixed signals, and feels a constantly stronger connection to her mother. At the same time, Kenneth sticks to his version of Beatrice as crazy, and he feeds Violeta with warnings. Like, for instance, that she must never touch the vodka that her mother drank and that ruined her. Kenneth receives a letter that he hides from Violeta, but Violeta is familiar with the content anyway. Kenneth's brother, Corvino, has been released from prison, and now he wants to meet up. Violeta realizes that this has to do with her, that she is involved, but she doesn't fully understand how ...

Aldri vodka, Violeta

Never vodka, Violeta

V spør om tid kan endre altV asks if time can change everything
Ting som kommer, ting som har værtThings that come, things that have been
Om svart kan bli kvitt og så svart igjenIf black can turn white and then black again
Og tar du sted med i evalueringenAnd if you take location into account
i såfall, er me på rett stedin that case, are we in the right location
Og vil du ta meg med deg uansett kva som skjerAnd will you take me with you no matter what happens
Men du må sjå fram eller sjå bakBut you have to look forward or look back
For nå går du som i blinde. Som i blindeBecause right now you walk in the blind. In the blind
Og du, me kan godt sjå bak i lagAnd hey, we may well look back together
Men ikkje før tiå er inne.But not before the time is right.
Tiå er inne. Hu er inneThe time is right. It's right
og gamle minner vinnerand old memories win
Før då alt var fryd og alt var vinBack then when all was joy and all was wine
Blomsterkransen min var dinWhen my floral wreath was yours
Og tiå alltid stod heilt stilleAnd time was always standing still
Og månen stirte oss i senk med sitt synAnd the moon stared us into the ground with its look
Me budde på landetWe used to live in the country
det tok en time til bynit took an hour to get to the city
Åh, for et bildeOh, what a sight
Men du, me kan godt sjå bak i lagBut hey, we may well look back together
Men ikkje før tiå er inneBut not before the time is right.
Tiå er inneThe time is right
Hold fast mi hånd far, ta ett skritt om gongenHold my hand tight, dad, take one step at a time
så går me så lenge eg har luft igjen i ballongenand then we'll walk as long as there's still air in my balloon
så finner me bror din og før kvelden er ommethen we'll find your brother, and before the night is over
er ingen gamle tanker vondeno old thoughts are bad
Men Violeta. Det har du godt av å vite, di morBut Violeta. There's something you should know. Your mother
hun bobla over for ingentingShe used to blow up over nothing
Beatrice har bare krutt. Hu har ingen lunteBeatrice has just gunpowder. She has no fuse
Åh men Violeta. Når du som er hennes kjøtt og nas blodOh but Violeta. If you, since you are her flesh and blood
kjenner det bobler for et skjeivt ordFeel your blood boiling because of a wrong word
ikkje drikk vodka då V, bare lov megdon't drink vodka then, V, just promise me
lov megpromise me
Ikkje drikk vodka når det bobler i degDon't drink vodka when your blood is boiling
Men du er jo meir sånn som meg enn som morBut actually, you're more like me than like your mother
Det er ingen bobler i ditt blodYour blood never starts to boil
Hu er en, me er toShe is one, we are two
Det er sant du har fått di mors smilIt's true that you've got your mother's smile
Det er fintWhich is nice
Men ditt hjerta er mittBut your heart is mine
Hu har sitt, og me har ettShe got hers, and we have one
Men aldri, aldri drikk vodka VioletaBut never, never drink vodka Violeta

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Aldri vodka, Violeta