Welcome to kaizers.konzertjunkie.com! This fansite keeps you updated on all current information about the band Kaizers Orchestra. You can find the latest news, translated news bits and articles, tour dates, and tour reports. Plus all the background information a fan wants to know, of course... so enjoy!

At a glance: What is going on in the Kaizers universe right now?

Kaizers Orchestra are history. On September 14, 2013, they played their last concert. Currently there are no plans about if and when they will be back. The band members expect a break for "many years", and they don't know if and - if yes - how they will continue after that break.

Violeta musical: Janove and Geir are currently working on a new Kaizers musical, together with playwright Christian Siméon, director Ladislas Chollat, and Michael Gregorio, a well-known French actor who will play the role of the devil. Everything is a work in progress and details haven't been finalized, but the ambitious goal is a big-time show in Paris in the fall of 2019!

What else ...? Most Kaizers have their own long- and short-term projects going on. The most visible are Janove's solo activities (so far, he has released two albums and is touring quite a bit) and Terje's band Skambankt (check out skambankt.konzertjunkie.com for all updates about them).
Comeback? Well, yes, a Kaizers comeback. But no, no fansite comeback. =;-)

But I do have a tiny little unplanned concert report for you after all. A one-off.

Lots of concerts next year, and for sure also new music! Check kaizers.no for all official news, dive into Facebook for all the rumors and speculations, or read the interviews in Norwegian media, for example:YIPPIEH!

So ... that surely means that this fansite will come out of its slumbering state now, right?

Well, unfortunately: no. =:-(
I love the idea of Kaizers finally being back, but I simply can't imagine picking up where I left off and putting in all the work again that made this fansite what it was. Because believe me - it is a huge workload, even if it might not seem like it from the outside. And I know that I have the capacity to EITHER enjoy the campaigns, the music, the concerts, and overall the fact that Kaizers are back OR start collecting, researching, and writing up all the news again, update the tour list, translate the kaizers.no news bits, dread the album release (soooo many lyrics to translate!) and write down the setlist during a concert. I know I have to choose, and it'll be option 1.

So, since I don't like to let things die and wither away, I'll be honest: This will be the last news bit on this site.

The site will remain online and working though, so existing content will still be available. I also have an idea of setting up a small crowd-sourced successor of the page, where everyone can contribute news, translations and reports. This can only work though if there are enough fans that are interested in such a project, and committed to keeping that page alive. So if that is something you'd like to be involved in (and you've been reading all the way to here! *lol*), drop me a mail to nyeklaer@konzertjunkie.com and we'll see what happens. (Don't expect an answer now though; if there is enough interest, it'll take some time to set something up.)
Well, this was supposed to be a very general, boring news update. And whatever, I'll just keep it like that. =;-)

Last weekend, Geir released his new single Pusten. You can find the lyrics and translation here: Pusten.

Skambankt are getting closer and closer to their very last concert - you can find more detailed information about them on skambankt.konzertjunkie.com, of course. I just want to point out that the last Skambankt concert in Stavanger will be streamed live (and you can watch it back later as well). Get your tickets for the stream at vier.live.

Janove just concluded his tour for the "Fullmånehymner" album. But he's thinking ahead already and just released a Christmas single: Carnaby Jul.

Well, and then there's this weird QR code that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and that points to dinegamledagererna.no ("Dine gamle dager er nå" - "Your old days are now"). What does it mean? Does it mean anything at all? No idea. (I just know that if it does, someone lied right to my face, which tells a bit about the trust to and collaboration with fansites ... but oh well, nothing new there. =;-))

I guess we'll see what happens! =:-)


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