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At a glance: What is going on in the Kaizers universe right now?

Kaizers Orchestra are history. On September 14, 2013, they played their last concert. Currently there are no plans about if and when they will be back. The band members expect a break for "many years", and they don't know if and - if yes - how they will continue after that break.

Violeta trilogy: The trilogy "Violeta Violeta - a romantic tragedy by Kaizers Orchestra" was completed with the release of Vol. III. In December 2013, a vinyl box containing all three LPs, a single with two additional songs, and a photo book was released. Story and lyrics ...

"Siste Dans" DVD: On September 14, 2014, Kaizers Orchestra released a DVD and BluRay of the last Kaizers concert, which took place on September 14, 2013, in Stavanger. As a bonus, the DVD contains the TV Vest documentary series "Siste Dans". The DVD/BluRay is available through kaizers.no and Norwegian record shops.

Accidental Rock Star: On March 13, 2015, the documentary "Den tilfeldige rockestjerne" (The accidental rock star) premiered in Norwegian cinemas. You can watch the movie online on Vimeo or buy the DVD (here if you live abroad, here if you live in Norway). The film focusses on Helge "Omen" Kaizer - the rock star who never really wanted to become a rock star but ended up in the band by accident. Information | Website | Trailer
Lyrics and translations of Janove's new songs are now online: Enjoy!
As I mentioned in the last news entry, Janove released two new singles today ("Marlene" and "Aldri la de tru de er bedre enn deg" - "Never let them think they are better than you"). Of course you'll get the lyrics and translations here - but this time it will take a bit, because I'm prioritizing my vacation. =;-) But to make up for that, there is a bunch of news around Janove (no news to you if you follow the fansite on Twitter and Facebook):
  • Janove's solo album will be released on February 10, 2017. It will be called "Artisten & Marlene" ("The artist & Marlene"), and as mentioned in one of the older news entries, it will tell the story of two dancers.
  • In March, Janove will go on tour! He'll play in Stavanger on March 16 and 17, in Bergen on March 18, in Oslo on March 24, and in Trondheim on March 25. The ticket sale has started, and the concert in Stavanger on March 17 is sold out already.
Time flies ... it's September 14th again, which means it's the anniversary of Kaizers Orchestra's Siste Dans! The third bucket has been filled with tears, and the fourth one is already waiting. Seems like we'll need it - still, there's no sign of new activities in the Kaizers universe ...

But for most of us it might be at least a small comfort that Janove is currently working on his album and some early plans for a tour. On September 23rd, he'll release two more singles ("Marlene" and "Aldri la de tru de er bedre enn deg" - "Never let them think they are better than you").

But Janove isn't Kaizers, and so we'll have to keep reminiscing about the past. Throughout the last year, you got to read the Kaizersminner here on the fansite - your memories about the big and small moments with Kaizers. I hope you found them as exciting and emotional to read as I did!

And also in year 4 AK (after Kaizer ;)), you can walk down memory lane here. I dug out the old fan mail answers that Kaizers used to publish on their website. All in all, 4379 Q&As from 2001 to 2007. =:-) I'm not sure I found all of them, but in any case, you'll get a LOT to read! As usual, "new" ones will be published twice a week (now on Wednesdays and Sundays). Enjoy the old Q&As!


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